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Wednesday, Jun 21st
1:30 p.m. ET

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Battle the Demons of Your Network with Cisco

There are lots of demons out there trying harm your network.

  • Network switching slowdowns and bottlenecks

  • Wireless slowness, interference and capacity limits

  • Network security, malware and information theft

  • Guest access and experience

  • Branch and WAN performance issues

  • Identity Services management

  • Mobile device and BYOD onboarding and access issues

The speed and reliability of your network is MISSION-CRITICAL to your business.  And your network is the core to everything you do.  If your network doesn’t work, NOTHING WORKS.

Today’s networks are no longer just wired switching.  They include wireless access, remote access, mobility, security and collaboration.  Yet most companies still try to operate each component as a standalone system. 

In addition, malware is an epidemic and the onslaught of attacks shows no sign of abating.

Attackers are focused on understanding traditional point-in-time detection technologies, how they work, where they are deployed and how to exploit weaknesses, like the lack of retrospection. As modern networks expand and extend beyond the traditional perimeter, new attack vectors emerge, leaving gaps in protection And to make matters worse, companies struggle to gain visibility beyond detection, are blind to the full scope of infection, and often don’t even know they have a problem until it’s too late.

Cisco offers the industry's only comprehensive set of tightly integrated network, security and communications products that work in concert to act as one unified network, sharing a common set of policies, easy management tools and a lower overall TCO! 

Join us to learn about how Cisco can help you “battle your network demons!”


Join us to learn more!



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